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Pool Sticks & Dicks

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Running time : 21:32 min

Actors : Trystan Bull, Johnny Torque


What happens when two horny guys are playing a game of pool? Well, usually not much, but this is NextDoorStudios, so things happen a bit different here!

Trystan and Jonny Torque were amusing themselves the other day, playing a game of pool.

When hitting the balls around on the table started to get stale, these two sexual deviants decided to play with some other balls. Namely, their cocks!

After finishing their game, Trystan drops his drawers and waves his cock in the face of his buddy. Jonny doesn't mind giving his pal a helping hand, or in this case, a mouth, so he takes Trystan's hot cock into it and services the sausage until his buddy blows his load.


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